12. September 2019

24h world record

September 1, the Tesla-Car-Rent team set a new 24-hour world record for electric cars with a production vehicle. Tesla Model 3 Long Range


The start was on 31st August 2019 at the Rasthof Gotha at 12:00. On Sunday, September 1, 2019, the team improved the old record by 58 km with 2842 km.


Charging point was an Ionity charging station where the Model 3 could charge up to 193kW. The track on the A4 was 139.2 km long and was passed through several times.

Laden Lueften

Turning points were the exits in Bucha and Gotha-Boxberg

Strecke Text

The team at Tesla-Car-Rent consisted of

  • Andreas Haehnel
  • Klaus Fischer
  • Andreas Rieger
  • Andreas Neuman

with support from Andreas Fischer


We will publish details in detail here soon You can find the videos of the world record in the youtube channel of Andreas Haehnel



That’s what winners look like